Activated Carbon Gold Recovery Grade

Carbon Concord

is a range of coconut shell-based granular activated carbon produced by steam activation through a rotary kiln at 900 °C under stringent operating conditions.

 is designed and optimized for gold recovery application in CIP (Carbon in Pulp), CIL (Carbon in Leach), CIC (Carbon in Column), or heap leaching process. The granules are very hard and free of platelets with large pore volume, rapid adsorption, and maximum gold loading making them ideal for gold mines.

Quantity:  According to the Agreement

Packing: Small bags of 25 kg

Loading Ability: 27-28 MT in 40 HC

Validity:  15 Days

Payment: By T/T 50% deposit, balance against the mass production finished.




S. No.Test ParameterSpecificationsStandards
1.0CTC, %60 minASTM D3467
2.0Iodine Adsorption, mg/g1150 minASTM D4607
3.0Ash, %4 maxASTM D2866
4.0Moisture, % as packedNot more than 5% w/wASTM D2867
5.0Hardness No98 minASTM D3802
6.0Apparent Density, kg/m3480 – 530ASTM D2854
7.0Platlets (A.A.R.L),%5 maxAARL
8.0          Attrition (A.A.R.L),%1.2 maxAARL
9.0Mesh Size (US Sieve Series)

Greater than 6 mesh (3.35 mm), %

Less than 12 mesh (1.7 mm), %


5 max

3 max


ASTM D2862


*Typical Properties: Isotherm K Value min 24 mg Au/g, R-Value 65% (AARL Method)


Standard Packaging in 500 Kg Jumbo Bags / 25 Kg PP Bag with Inner Liner

Customized Packaging available on demand

Activated Carbon (NOT REGULATED)

Exempt from DOT, IATA & IMDG Regulations

Import/Export Classification: 3802.10.0000 (HS Tariff Classification)

Freight Classification: NMFC 040560

CAS # 7440-44-0

Material Handling

Wet Activated carbon depletes oxygen from the air, and therefore, dangerously low levels of oxygen may be encountered. Direct body exposure should be avoided as a good hygienic practice. Avoid getting this

material in contact with your eyes. Avoid prolonged or repeated skin contact with this material. Wash thoroughly after handling. Avoid the formation of airborne dust. Appropriate protective equipment should be worn. Long-term inhalation of high dust concentration can lead to respiratory impairment.

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