Silica Sand For Horse Racing Track

Cairo Minerals Offer Silica sand with High Quality for horse racing track

  • High purity 96.7-99%
  • Natural sand100%
  • Dry sand no wet
  • High practical size Distribution
  • Rounded sand
  • Free of organic and impurities materials
  • Free of radiation
  • Free of toxic
  • Turbidity less than 100
  • No Dust
  • No heavy metals


Available sizes:

  • 0.1mm-0.7mm
  • 0.0mm-0.8mm
  • 0.0 mm-1mm
  • 0.0 mm-2mm
  • 2mm-4mm
  • 3mm-6mm
  • 5mm-10mm


  • bag of 25kg
  • bag of 1500kg
  • can be in pallets or loose in pallets

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