High Quality Anthracite Filter Media For Water Filtration

anthracite which used water filtration

Our Anthracite filer media has been made of the ‘Taixi’ anthracite by washing, chosen as well as smash, continuous screening and so on procedures. It does have a nice lustrousness; resists compression, has good mechanical strength and has steady chemical activity. We will offer you high-quality anthracite filter media for water filtration. Anthracite is an excellent filter media for water clarification in drinking or industrial use when it is used in combination with the filtering sands. It is among the most commonly used filtering media.

What is anthracite?

Anthracite is a raw material for water purification as filter media. Anthracite has features of low ash, Sulphur, phosphorus and high calorific power, mass resistivity, percentage of lump coal, chemical activity, recycle rate of head coal, mechanical strength as well as enjoying trait of innocuity, in dissolvableness in acidic, neutral, alkaline water and so on. Our Anthracite filter media is made of “Taixi” anthracite by washing, choosing, smashing, repeatedly screening, and so on procedures. Anthracite has nice lustrousness, mechanical strength, resist compression, hard-wearing, and steady chemical activity. Also, Anthracite has some separate-absorb activity, which can absorb and dispose of color, stink, flavor, and minute organisms in water, and is applied to filter life water, industrial water as well as municipal sewage. Anthracite is an excellent material for environmental protection.

Chemical stability test of filter media (toxicity test) unit: Mg/l


Ingredient ItemCnAsCoPbZnTFeFSiO2
In acid solution00.003000.080.9400.4
In alkaline solution00.004000.04001.1
In neuter solution00.005000.09000.4
Standard requirements0.

Physical performance of filter media

Index No.Rate of reduction (%)Wear rate (%)Mechanical strength (%)Proportion (g/cm3)Volume weight (%)Poriness (%)Memo
HI-13.070.3096.931.710.69540.6multidomained grain, polygon, asperities
HI-22.820.5196.671.730.70140.5Same as above
Standard requirements<4<1>951.4-1.9//Same as above

What are the Available sizes of anthracite?


anthracite Filter
SNsize(mm)Effective size mm) D10 of AnthraciteUniformity coefficient UC of Anthracite


 What is Bulk density of Anthracite? (KG/M3)780780
 What is special gravity of Anthracite /CM3)1.5-1.81.5-1.8
 How much Hardness of Anthracite Mohs hardness4-54-5
 What about break rate of Anthracite?<3%<3%
 How much wear rate of anthracite?<0.3%<0.3%
 What acid solubility<3%<3%
fixed carbon>80%>90%
What is ash percentage of Anthracite?<10%<8.5%
volatile matter<8%<2%
Anthracite sulfur content<0.5%<0.5%
Anthracite moisture<3%<1%

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